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The origin of the grape varietals is based on a long history of trade between region through the centuries. Respecting the tradition, ‘Les Freres Couillaud’ want to experiment new grape varieties and write a new page in their vineyard. Through discussions between winemakers, trips to areas of origin, they wanted to know how those grape varietals could adapt on their soil and climate.


Melon de B.

Predominant grape variety in the Nantais vineyard, it is the only one allowed in the Muscadet appellation. It was imported in Nantes by Burgundian monks in the seventeenth century. During the winter 1709, this variety was one of the few to withstand frost and found in the Nantais vineyard his favorite terroir. This variety was named Melon due the roundness of its leaves. Planted on the best plots, it expresses perfectly the originality of each Terroir.


One of the most famous white grape varieties in the world. When the idea came out between Bernard and an importer, it seems like an evidence for the three brothers to plant Chardonnay, They decide to try it on their vineyard of La Morinière located on a little hill, very rocky and south-facing exposure. Very quickly, success is with go. We developed chardonnay on different parcels of Ragotière and ‘Petit Chateau’ to become a reference of Loire Chardonnays.

Sauvignon Blanc

The Sauvignon Blanc grape is one of the most emblematic of the Loire. Mainly located on the East side of the vineyards of the Loire, we wanted to test it on our schist soils of Ragotière. After a study tour in the center of the Loire, we decided to plant 3 ha in 2011. The first plot has always surprised us with its beautiful maturities. New plantings on Morinière followed.

Sauvignon Gris

Cousin of the Sauvignon Gris, the fruit become rosé four weeks before the harvest. Considered extinct,he was found next to Tours thirty years ago. Smoked side is truly characteristic of this grape variety. In 1997, 40 acres are planted on Ragotière.


Its floral character is very striking. The age of the vine is predominant. It was decided two methods in the experimental vineyard at its location: a classic plantation in 1997 and a grafting-on Melon de B. of 13 years old. The interest is to immediately benefit from a deep root in on our schists. The first years of production have very distinct differences. Remarkable on the aromatic level, our Viognier keeps a beautiful freshness which gives it its originality.

Petit Manseng

The Petit Manseng is a rich and aromatic grape. It matures in late October. Its bays are both acid and sweet. Potentially around 16.5 °, fermentation is stopped by cold. The originality of our Petit Manseng is the perfect balance between sweetness and freshness while combining a very exotic flavor profile.

Le Pinot Gris

Also planted in 1997, it requires special attention because its skin is fragile: a short size, a thinning, a leaf stripping and increased surveillance near the harvest. Vinified in half dry, it expresses a great purity and one finds the character of the shale of some Muscadet.

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